Soluciones - TeamVOX


Find the best solution to achieve better communication, control and security with your work teams.


TeamVOX is a “Push to Talk” solution that provides instant voice communications between the workforce. Team members can make one-to-all, one-to-some or one-to-one calls with the push of a button. 


Evidence allows you to track your workforce´s devices, receive visual confirmations and comprehensive reports from directly from the field and in real time. 


Zaypher allows organizations to achieve a high level of privacy, security and performance with end to end encrypted calls and text messages. 

Monitor your workforce´s workflow with TeamVOX works, a Geo Management System that tracks and feeds field operations KPI´s in to a user friendly dashboard to boost efficiency and cut response times on service orders and job tickets.  

Intercommunication with LMR

We have the option of Interoperability and LMR radio networks, which helps to simplify communication at talk group level, allowing users on a Broadband Network communicate with users LMR networks.

TeamVOX MiFi provides Worldwide Coverage Internet Access. Our portable access points automatically switch to the optimal mobile data network available in over 150 countries around the world.